Leadership development - 3 days program (french, english, german)

  • learning how to lead and motivate a team
  • managing the performance on a daily basis, handling difficult situations
  • setting up continuous improvement

Coach training - 1 day training (french, english, german)

  • learning how to impact the behaviors of team members
  • setting us a simple, coherent and robust coaching system
  • complement yearly evaluations with solid 

Charting indicators - 2 days (french, english, german)

  • learning how to identify good indicators
  • measurability, cost of measurement
  • animating team interaction around the indicators 

Installing management instances - 1 day (french, english, german)

  • learning how to structure and split the decision making process
  • setting up meetings with clear objectives and methods
  • linking with indicators and action items management

Business risk management - 1 day (french, english, german)

  • setting up a compliant risk identification and assessment
  • integration a quality management system